Photo Effects Studio 3.15

Ten or fifteen years ago most people were still using regular cameras but now 99 % is using digital cameras. They are more affordable, easier to use, offer better results and better control. Knowing this we all have large number of images on our computers that we taken and since those images are not ideal sometimes we need to correct and edit them. Ideal program for this is PhotoInstrument that enables you to fast, easily and with only few clicks edit your images.



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Final Fantasy XIV, a Realm Reborn on a Bunch of Wonky Servers

Final Fantasy XIV may be cursed. You know this if you’ve tried to play recently and met the business end of a 1017 error (indicating a full server). It hasn’t been a good week for Square Enix’s second-shot MMO. Heck, it’s been a pretty miserable three years. I keep expecting my copy of the PlayStation 3 version to turn up a black spot.

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