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Introducing Card & Gift Polls!

Being the curious type, and with the major gift-giving season approaching it seemed like a good time to start learning more about gift-giving habits. What do you genuinely like and dislike? What do you take into consideration when choosing a gift? Have your gift giving habits changed?In order to start getting the big picture of modern gift-giving I have decided to trial a weekly poll on the blog. I hope it catches on and you like the idea as I think it could be really useful. You’ll see the very first poll is already ready to go; sitting to the right hand side of the page just waiting for your vote! As you will see it’s just one question, so it’s very easy to take part. Whenever possible I will limit the poll to one question a week, to ensure it’s not too time consuming to get involved.With the phrase “knowledge is power” in mind I am hoping that after a short while we will start to get some very useful information that will help our community of designers, makers, publishers and independent retailers. I will be collating the results from all of the polls and publishing the information for you to use and share. It might help you develop a product, market an existing range or even find a new type of customer.
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